About Us

. . . a place of compassion and hope . . .


Our Vision

  • To promote a positive relationship between animals and people through education and community programs.
  • To provide animals with a compassionate experience in a temporary residence, and to assist them in finding their forever home.

Our Mission

  • To offer a safe refuge, nourishment and opportunity for a better life for unwanted, abused or injured animals.
  • To promote responsible pet ownership through humane education and spay/neuter programs in the area.
  • To work to unite lost animals with owners and place unwanted animals in caring homes.
  • To build communication and community support so people will value animals and treat them with kindness and respect.
  • To provide care and respect through the life and death of the animal using qualified veterinary professionals.

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  • Many Generous, Caring Supporters


  • Barb Avery – Website Committee
  • Denise Carter – Facebook, Web posts, & Voice Mai
  • Maggie Clayton – Volunteer Administration
  • Dr. David Datt – Building Committee & Veterinary Consult
  • Vicki Donatell – Chair Building Committee
  • Matthew Hall – Financial Consult, Advertising Committee
  • Michele McElmeel – Coord: Reaching Out
  • Kate Nelson – Building Committee, Co-Chair Dance, & Coord: Microchipping
  • Rick Ottino – Steering Committee
  • Dave Walker – Building Committee

Our Meetings

Our meetings are currently held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 502 Cty Tk UU Hudson, Wisconsin.

The public is welcome to attend our meetings to learn more about SCAF, offer suggestions, find ways to volunteer, and participate in our activities.   Please join us!

1st Thursday Board of Directors Open Meeting 6:30pm