Cat Care

Why is my cat vomiting?

cakoberg / Cat Photos / CC BY-SA Vomiting cats are a common reason to visit your veterinarian. Occasional vomiting is common in healthy cats. Diagnosing the cause of vomiting can be challenging. A history of clinical signs the owner is …

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

It isn’t any fun to have an upset stomach. It can happen once in a while to many of us, and it’s even worse when what’s in the stomach is thrown up. Our pets are no different. However, if your cat is having reoccurring episodes of vomiting, it’s time to contact your veterinarian. It could be the sign of a serious problem, but treatments are available.

Indoor Outdoor Cat

Many cats spend a lot or all of their time indoors. During winter months, even “outdoor” cats may be inside more than they are outside. For some cats, living indoors is unnatural and their health can be adversely affected, especially …

Is Your Cat . . . “Out of the Box” ?

When cats stop using their litter box and start urinating around the house, the human- animal bond is greatly strained.  Causes include litter box issues as well as behavioral reasons.  This article will focus on the medical reasons for inappropriate …