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Lost Yellow lab puppy (Luca)

Lost Yellow lab puppy (Luca)
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  • Pet Name: Luca
  • Date Pet was Lost: 7/2/14
  • Location Pet was Lost: County Road H, New Richmond, WI
  • Type of Pet: Yellow lab puppy
  • Pet Gender: Female
  • Color of Pet: Yellow
  • Unique Markings: No
  • Identification: No

If you have any information of Luca’s whereabouts, please contact us at 715-749-3763.

Found Domestic shorthair (?)

  • Date Pet was Found: 5/1/14
  • Location Pet was Found: Date found is approximate. Cat has been wandering around south Bass Lake area for awhile. 731 132nd Ave., Hudson (near Somerset).
  • Type of Pet: Domestic shorthair
  • Pet Gender: Male
  • Color of Pet: Brown Tabby With White Markings (brown Fur Looks Like Rabbit Fur)
  • Unique Markings: Young Cat, Not Neutered.
  • Identification: N/a
  • Any other pertinent information:
    Very friendly/sweet cat.

If you have any information of ?’s whereabouts, please contact Kathie at [email protected] or .